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White Denim Done Right!

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Nothing beats the perfection of an amazing fitting, crisp, clean, white jean! Although, it can be the most difficult thing to shop for!

From see-thru material to pocket inserts showing, white denim can be tricky. In this post, I'll explain the key components to look for when shopping for white denim. Plus, what brands are on my A-LIST this season AND where to snag the best fitting denim of your life @ ZipFit Denim.

As mentioned in previous posts, the fit is EVERYTHING so let's start there. Refer to the "Denim Wardrobe" & "How-To Master the BF Jean" post to help find the perfect fit for your body-type! Once you nail down your fit preference, it's time to shop!

5 Things to Look For and Avoid When Shopping for White Denim!

  1. Look for a sturdy material, one that isn't too thick...but not too thin 
  2. Avoid fabrics that are see-thru & avoid fabrics that are knit-like
  3. Look for minimal to no back pocket detail (I prefer none but this is based on preference)
  4. If you have a booty & thighs, look for white denim with sewn or tacked front pockets (typically removable on any jean)
  5. If you're into the thicker fabrics on trend right now, (non-stretch 100% cotton) be sure to size up 1-2 sizes. If you prefer stretch, opt for a cotton/rayon/elastane blended fabric and stay in your typical size

My go-to white -- > Hudson Nico in White & Strife @ ZipFit Denim

Images via ZipFit Denim

My Top 5 Brands Doing White Jeans Right!

  1. AG - Low to mid-rise "Legging" in White Twill
  2. DL1961 - Mid-rise "Emma" in Porcelain
  3. 7FMK - Mid-rise "Josefina" BF Jean in Clean White
  4. JBrand - High-rise "Maria" in Blanc
  5. Hudson - High-rise "Nico" in White

DL1961 Emma in Porcelain

AG Legging in White Twill

Images via ZipFit Denim

To find your perfect fitting denim & the right white for your body type, head to



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