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What's the one item you thought you'd never wear again?

Go ahead and reach into the back of your closet because denim skirts have made the ultimate comeback! Remember the good old days of Abercrombie & AE denim skirts? Pretty sure I had about 5 different versions and my mother hated the mini that had rips into the upper thigh (but seriously, who let me out the house?)

This trend brings me back to my first day of high school. I will never forget the fabulous ensemble I put together, (of course at that time, I truly thought I was winning at life) in my grey A&F polo with the collar popped, a distressed denim skirt, Return to Tiffany choker and A&F flip-flops. Talk about basic but I am happy to report this skirt still fits. :)

For anyone who knows me, you know that I hate wearing shorts! (like hate shorts with a burning passion) I'd opt for a dress or denim mini skirt on a hot summer day/night, over cut-off shorts any day. The fact that this easy trend is back has me buying every version! From a t-shirt tucked in with sneakers, to a bodysuit with a pump, the options are endless and you can typically snag this trend at a reasonable price, too! Where to buy? Lulu's, Zara, & ZipFit Denim (of course) to name a few.

Below are my personal go-tos! Invest in a true denim, a white distressed & an embroidered version to change-up your looks.

Mavi 'Mila' Hi-Lo Denim Skirt $88 @ ZipFit Denim (Image via ZipFit Denim).

Hudson 'Helena' Denim Skirt $195 @ Zipfit Denim (Image via ZipFit Denim).

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