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Must-Have Handbags for 2018

Like any article of clothing & accessories, handbag trends come & go...

and the only thing that seems to remain constant is the immense weight of my purse. ;)

Today we're talking all about the top handbag trends for 2018. From the specific styles to the hottest colors of the season and my personal favorite trend that has made a comeback!

SO...let's dive right in!

Satchels: - This bag is the ultimate style for spring/summer 2018 and it comes in many shapes and sizes. I mainly change my purse for nights out SO for me I go-for the smaller versions of this handbag. The satchel in any size is perfect for travel because they typically zip and are handsfree. Plus, the smaller versions are easy to pack for a trip. I will typically lay them flat (in a dust bag) at the very top of my luggage before zipping and viola!

Givenchy via Nordstrom - Click Image to shop.

Tory Burch via Nordstrom - Click Image to shop.

Mini/Micro in Belt Form OR Handheld: - Never thought you'd see the day when a fanny pack was deemed OK to wear in public, right? Well guess again because the belt bag is here to stay! I know what you're thinking, "I can't pull this trend off!" BUT seriously you can and I don't know why we didn't think to bring this handsfree contraption back sooner. (Is it weird that all I want to wear this season is mom jeans and a belt bag?) Handheld minis are all the rage right now. I have stocked up and am loving the dainty look & feel. My favorite version of these bags is anything round or oblong/oval shaped.

Chloe' via Nordstrom - Click Image to shop.

Gucci via Gucci - Click Image to shop.

Pastels: - Think peeps (yes, the Easter kind). These fun colors are the perfect pops of color to add to all of your spring & summer looks. Lilac, mint , bubble gum, baby blue & yellow hues are what you're going for here. Any shape, size & style is a great look for this trend. My personal favorite style in this trend is a mini bag (mentioned above) in a fun shade of pastel. Trust me, the compliments will come pouring in!

A New Day via Target - Click Image to shop.

Tan Leather: - My favorite thing about this trend is that it matches everything! Plus, tan leather tends to look super sleek & rich. I love pairing this with a nice dark blue jean and simple white tee. Also, don't be afraid to mix black & tan! This combo is amazing if its done right and people often stray away from it. Don't be scared to try it and remember, this is meant to be a neutral!

Nordstrom - Click Image to shop.

Retro Logos: - This trend is giving me life! Last season, I took one look at a few of my retro logo bags and said "welp, I guess I will just store these because they're kind of on the outs!" As we know, trends always find a way of repeating themselves so my best advice is to save & store classic pieces, especially designer. (learned this one from my momma). In this case, thank goodness I was wrong because retro logos are secretly my absolute favorite. From vintage to new, I love pairing these with anything from a casual daytime look to an evening ensemble. I will say, sometimes this trend can be overkill BUT if done tastefully, a bag with designer logos, such as the original Gucci print, throwback embossed Fendi, gold Moschino emblem detail, etc. it can really complete your look.

Gucci via Gucci - Click Image to shop.

Fendi via Fendi - Click Image to shop.

What is everyones favorite trend for the season?!



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