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Must-Have Boots for Fall & Winter!

I get it...people love fall for the pumpkin patches, the haunted houses and all things #PSL...but isn't it really about the footwear?!

In all honesty, fall is probably one of my favorite seasons! I am not going to lie to you...I love a #PSL just as much as the next girl BUT for me, fall & winter is more about the clothing! The jackets, the scarves, and of course the shoes! Not to mention, it is an actual reason to wear all of my 'Indiana Jones' inspired headwear (at least thats what I tell myself). :)

Today's post is all about must-have booties & boots for fall! I will share my must-have versions + a quick tip on how-to style each look. As always, I tried to include my personal favorites, both bargains and splurges!


Image via Asos

The white boot trend is EVERYTHING right now and I am on board! I know, this trend seems so insane that I should probably write a separate post on this crazy trend. BUT I promise, I am not setting you up for failure. :) The rule book is out and white booties are in!

Love pairing mine with all black!


Image via Asos

Thigh-highs are just a must! These look perfect with a sleek pair of skinny jeans, a fun skirt or even a cute dress. They add a dressy look to any outfit but can easily be dressed down with jeans and a cute sweater. Love pairing mine with a black leather skirt!


Image via Nordstrom

Love this comfortable boot with jeans, skirts and dresses. If you aren't a high heel gal, the slouch boot (as well as thigh-high above) look just as great in flat versions. The below knee / slouchy look adds a bit more of a casual vibe and it looks perfect for daytime OR night!


Image via Asos

The Chelsea boot is a great go-to for casual day wear! I love pairing this look with a legging and an oversized cardigan for a comfortable, yet put together outfit!


Image via Nordstrom

The perfect pop of glitter is sometimes all you need to finish off an outfit! The best thing about this look is that it goes with almost anything! It is a great add on to any outfit and is the best conversation piece! Style tip: If you're thinking about trying this trend out but still aren't 100% sold, start off with a muted pewter or matte color sparkle (like the version pictured!)


Image via Nordstrom

I am kind of obsessed with all of the pops of red I am seeing on everything from shoes to bags this season! A vibrant red adds the perfect punch of color to any outfit. It looks great in slouchy knee-high boots or even a sock bootie! These Jeffrey Campbell Thigh-High's are kind of crazy... but in the best way!


Image via Nordstrom

The sock bootie is a great boot to have for all of your 'unstructured' denim that is super on trend right now! They also look great with certain skirts & dresses. I personally love pairing mine with my 100% cotton, cropped straight leg jeans and cuffing the jeans over the bootie! These look amazing with a cropped flare denim, too!



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