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Keepin’it Chic Since ‘91

Fashion and how to style different looks is my true passion and I like to think it all started at the young age of 4…

I might regret this photo opp later but see that fabulous pic below...yes, I LOVED that Phoenix Suns jersey and I sported it on the regular, along with pink converse hi-tops. You know that whole court side look at a basketball game? Yeah, I was doing it then. ;)

Back then, my frilly dresses and bows sat in the closet and I opted for my go-to look of Adidas snap pants paired with one of my brothers hockey t-shirts (honestly, I think I wore it best).

My mother has always had a knack for great style, so I am pretty sure she wanted to kill me when I refused to wear a dress to my First Holy Communion. As you can imagine, an Italian mother wasn’t going to let that BS I lost that battle but I still HATED dresses! I hated dresses so much, that my father's nickname for me was “Julie pants”. This is 100% true and I get so embarrassed when he says it now. Thanks pop!

Fast forward to 5th grade....when I came across an abundance of colorful handbags, shiny shoes and beautiful dresses in my Nonna's closet. When I think back to this day, one word comes to mind...Gucci and lots of it, It was a navy blue, vintage Gucci crossbody that instantly caught my eye, and changer! That day, I traded in my Barkley jersey for my first handbag and the rest is history.

While working for my favorite department store throughout college, I enjoyed staying current on trends and helping friends & family choose outfits. I loved putting outfits together and it got to the point where store customers would send me pictures for suggestions on how to style their outfits. Customers would ask me to just shop for them and text them options.

Post college, I quickly learned that Public Relations cubicle life wasn’t for me. I found that online shopping and choosing outfits for my work week was a job in itself! (jk, but really it kind of is) These past two-years have not only been a great career shift back into fashion for me, but it has also taught me that you work hardest doing what you love, which is something I learned from my father and grandfather. I love my full-time job and I am so grateful to be a part of a unique company, ZipFit Denim, which I will chat lots about later.

Image via Robo Toaster

Launching my styling site and getting back to writing is something i've always wanted to do. I kept asking myself, when is the BEST time? It wasn’t until a good friend made me realize that life is short and there is no better time than the present. With that said, I am excited to finally share this with whomever enjoys fashion, style and of course a little humor!

So feel free to love it or hate it and welcome to J.Chic Chicago!



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