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Introducing the Cassia: My Wooden Watch!

Jord Watches: #Sponsored #Giveaway

*This post is in partnership with & sponsored by Jord Watches. The opinions in this post are completely my own based on my experience.*

Introducing the Jord Cassia by Jord Watches:

A timepiece for me is more than just a device for telling me that I am running late... ;) I mean really, who even checks their watch these days (lol). For me, a watch is a timeless accessory and one of my favorite pieces or 'jewelry' to wear on a daily basis. I absolutely love watches of all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. I think a watch is something that always has meaning or a story behind it. With working in fashion and loving an @Instagram photo opp ;), my personal style is always changing and I am often looking for the next unique piece to add to my collection.

When the Jord Watches team reached out to partner with me, I was honored and excited to be able to spread the word about this super unique brand. Initially, I had never seen anything like the craftsmanship, colors and uniqueness that Jord Wacthes had to offer. I was immediately drawn to so many of the unique watches, for both men & ladies because of how alluring and different each watch looked. The stunning details were unlike anything I had ever seen in a watch. not to mention, the fabulous price point (ranging from $100 - $300).

"We make our watches for people who don't just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go."

After researching the brand and seeing exactly what they were all about, I couldn't help but love their story. Jord's mission was to create a watch for the 'modern lifestyle'. As a company, Jord values 'sustainability and efficiency' In my opinion, the stunning wood materials and movements and are what sets this brand a part.

Did I mention they also custom engrave your watch?! Jord sent me my Jord Cassia with my blog name, "J.Chic Chicago" on it. I LOVE it and it is the perfect gift for any occasion or just because. :)

One of my favorite things about Jord's wood watches, is that they truly have something for every sense of style and I was particularly drawn to the Jord Cassia (pictured). This watch was the perfect size for me and I loved all of the colors it came in. I chose the dark brown 'ebony' color with gold accents. This watch went perfectly with all of my gold toned jewelry and one of my go-to clutches. The one thing I loved most about my wood watch is that Jord shipped it right to me and... to my surprise, it fit me perfectly! They show you how-to measure your own wrist so that upon arrival, your watch is custom fit to you. This watch is super comfortable on my wrist and has been one of the best conversation starter. Jord wood watches are the absolute perfect gift for any occasion or even when you want to just treat yourself! Jord also custom engraved my watch with my blog name on it (how adorable?!) and I am obsessed with the customized look of it! :)


I am excited to share that Jord Watches has given me my very own #giveaway link, where J.Chic Chicago readers are able to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card toward any Jord Wood Watch!

Enter to win my giveaway by clicking: HERE

Thank you for reading & GOOD LUCK!



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