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How-to Mix Deals with Designer!

"OMG, where did you get that?!"

This phrase is one of the main reasons I started blogging as a hobby and I never get tired of answering it. People always ask me and I am always happy to answer. I take it as a compliment and whenever I see someone wearing something that I love, I always compliment them back and ask the same! I can be walking down the street in Chicago or hustling to a client appointment in NYC and will always find the time to compliment someone on something they're wearing!

Aside, from the "where did you get that?" question, people often tell me they admire how I like to mix&match inexpensive products with designer classics. They say things like "I could never pull that off" OR "I can't believe that t-shirt is from (fill in the blank)" - whatever the case may be, I find it crazy that so many people doubt themselves! The beauty of fashion and styling is that rules shouldn't apply! Plus, who doesn't love when their outfit is a conversation starter?!

I always like mixing different pieces to make a new and inventive outfit. I used to look in my closet and say "I have nothing to wear!" and now I rarely find myself saying that because I have learned how-to mix and match pieces I never thought I would wear together, in turn creating a whole new outfit! I highly recommend going through what you currently have and trying to create new looks. This is a fun way to challenge yourself and change up what has already been worn in your closet. Take a few items that you love and intermix them to make something new and fun!

My below look was thrown on for work last week but explains very well how mixing and matching different pieces that you never thought you'd pair together work pretty well! I never thought I would mix a vintage t-shirt with a designer belt...or purchase a pair of white boots and wear them with FLARE jeans... (omg 90's baby alert) BUT I ended up loving this look!

Check-out where I got my exact pieces linked below and where to find more pieces just like it!



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