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How-To Master the Boyfriend Jean

A must-have in your closet for spring & summer is all the goodness that is....the boyfriend jean! (probably the best BF you'll ever have) ;)

Although the boyfriend jean is meant to look effortless, this look actually does take time to perfect! With the warmer months upon us, I have found that many of my clients often struggle to find the perfect BF jean (myself included). When it comes to this lived-in look, the fit is everything. Once you figure out the correct rise, inseam & leg opening that is best for your body type, the rest is simple and this effortless look comes easy! See some of my favorites we carry @ ZipFit + find the right boyfriend jean for every body type!

BF Jean Rise Guide

Low to Mid-Rise: 8.5" - 9.75" front rise

  • This rise works well for most petites, with slimmer hips & smaller booty
  • Back pocket placement on a low to mid rise jean will compliment a smaller booty, without making the backside look flatter...cause ain't no body got time for that! 
  • This rise also works well for curvier body types who like their jeans to hit below their navel and on their hips
  • Great for someone with a shorter torso
  • The low to mid-rise boyfriend jean is meant to be worn slouchy on the hips (almost as if you were in your boyfriend's jeans...get it?!)
  • Pair this look with graphic tee & your favorite mule slides OR dress it up with a pair of pumps for your night time look 

7 For All Mankind 'Josefina' in 5 amazing colors! Mid front rise of 9.5"

Image via ZipFit Denim

Paige 'Jimmy Jimmy' in Tigerlilly & Rebel Without a Cause! Low to mid front rise of 8.75"

Image via ZipFit Denim

High Rise: 10-11" front rise

  • My personal favorite and a great fit for someone with a small waist, curvier hips and the beauty that is a booty! 
  • Works well for someone who likes their jean to hit right below, at or even above the navel (AMEN for high rise)
  • The high-waist BF jean is meant to be worn over the hips, almost synching you at the waist for a sleek, long look.
  • Great for someone who's waist is the smallest part of their body 
  • Great for someone with a longer torso
  • Pair this look with a body suit or crop. Add a belt for a focal point of fun embellishment and finish it off with your favorite shoe! 
  • Shop the DL 1961 High-Rise BF 'Goldie' in color Shredded. Front rise of 11"

Pictured: my vintage Levi's :)

Comment below or email for more info on how-to find your perfect fit. + ask me how-to save 10% off of your first ZipFit order.



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