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How-to Grow Your Eyelashes!

The Beauty Hack I Swear By!

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This is just a product that I simply enjoy using works!

As a 20-something female, living in the unpredictable Chicago weather, I have recently been taking a bit more time and effort with my skincare regime. I love beauty products and experimenting with my makeup BUT skincare always just felt like a chore to me. I've often heard people say to my mom "you have the best skin!" and ask her "what products do you use?!" - She is so faithful with her skincare regime (seriously, like no one else I have ever seen). In the recent, I have really been following by her example and my love for makeup has trickled into a love for skincare.

A year ago, my mom became a Rodan & Fields consultant, which is so fitting for her! She started using all of these amazing products and her skin (if you can imagine) looks even better! I plan to go into more detail on what I like to use from R&F in a separate post. Today's post is all about this one little GEM of a product...the beauty product that every woman needs right now!

After a few weeks of using R&F, not only was my moms skin looking flawless but her eyelashes were looking longer and her brows were looking fuller! She had just started testing out a new product called, 'Lash Boost' (OK. Now, you're talking my language!) For those who know me, you know that I take great pride in my eyelashes! Seriously, one of the best compliments someone can give me is when they ask if my eyelashes are real because I love saying "yes, they're real!" ;) I have never gotten eyelash extensions, although I have secretly always wanted to try it. I am not against them but personally have heard good & bad reviews of the process.

People often ask me what kind of mascara I use and honestly, I don't think my mascara has too much to do with the way that my lashes look! - I started using Rodan & Fields Lash Boost about 4-5 months ago and my lashes have been growing like crazy! I actually stopped using the product at one point because my lashes were looking too long...(yeah, never thought i'd say that either!) Not only do I use this product on my eyelashes, but I also sometimes use it on my eyebrows and they have never looked fuller! This growth serum is truly something I swear by and in my opinion, if you're going to splurge on any beauty product, Rodan + Fields Lash Boost is it!

I use my Lash Boost every night after washing my face. It is super easy to apply and you only need a small amount of product in order to get maximum results! I promise, you will truly be amazed at your results. In just 1 week, I felt as if my lashes and brows were longer & fuller. I would not be sharing this information if I didn't think you too would love this product. Not to mention, using Lash Boost is much more reasonable than getting lash extensions and of course, a lot less up-keep! Trust me, you will not be disappointed and I know you'll love it, too!

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